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 Vasilopita ~ The Greek New Year Cake...

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PostSubject: Vasilopita ~ The Greek New Year Cake...   Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:32 am

This was written by a guild member on a different server.... I thought you would enjoy it too !

The history of New Year Cake, is a story that happened hundreds of years ago before about 1500 years, in the city of Caesarea Cappadocia in Asia Minor. Basil the Great was Bishop of Caesarea and living harmoniously with others, with love, understanding and mutualism.

Someday, however, a voracious General - a tyrant - demanded all the treasures of the city of Caesarea, else he would besiege the city to conquer and to plunder.
Basil spent the whole night praying to God to save the city.
The new day dawned and General ordered the army to immediately encircle Caesarea. He came with his entourage and asked to see Bishop, who was at church praying.

With audacity and anger the ruthless strategist claimed the gold of the city, and whatever was valuable in the city. St Basil replied that people of the city had nothing else than hunger and poverty.
The General when he heard these words was even more angry and began to threaten that he could banish Basil far from home or could even kill him. The Christians of Caesarea much loved their bishop and wanted to help. So they gathered from homes that had gold and offered it to the hard General to save their bishop.

The Bishop, St. Basil the Great, who wanted to protect the city
presented to the general the gold and jewelry that had been gathered in a chest.
The general went to open the chest and grab the treasure, but when he touched his hands on the gold there was a miracle!
All gathered saw a flash, immediately afterwards a brilliant rider rushed his army onto the hard general ....
In no time the evil General and his army disappeared. The brilliant rider was St. Merkourios and soldiers angels. The city of Caesarea was saved . But then, the bishop was in trouble! He had to share the gold with the residents of the city and make sure it was fair, that is to give everyone what was his. This was very difficult.
He called the deacons and assistants and told them to ferment bread, where in each roll he would put a few gold. When the bread was prepared, he distributed them as a blessing to residents of the city of Caesarea.
At first everyone became surprised, but the surprise was even greater when each family that broke the bread and found means of gold .
It was therefore a special toast - the New Year cake. He brought people joy and blessing together.
Since then we make the New Year cake with the coin through the first day of the year. The name of this cake in Greece is Vasilopita (Basil's pie)
I'm curious if you also made New Year's cake.

The New Year's cake is a part of Greek tradition. Even in parliament the MPs cut the cake every year. Vasilopita is cut in all the houses, clubs, schools, town halls and all public or private organizations.

Written by Sarakirki
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Vasilopita ~ The Greek New Year Cake...
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