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 Saving a design from the tool

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PostSubject: Saving a design from the tool   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:02 am

Garden design challenges will all be done using the designer tool...This ensures nobody is at a disadvantage because they are restricted by the plants available to them...

First unpack the designer tool onto your hard drive...

1. Open up the designer tool
2. Design your dream garden
3. Press Shift + Ctrl +Alt + Prt Scr all together
4. In windows press start > accessories> paint
5. When paint opens click on edit> paste
6. Click on File > save as (name your file)...We recommend saving in pictures from
within my documents...

You can then upload this picture to the appropriate place on the forum.

Like a Star @ heaven I have been told that you can just press Print_screen and go to paint and press Ctr+v and save. Print_screen works without all other keys pressed and is much easier
It prints the whole screen so you will have to crop the part with the garden.

I have not tried this myself so let me know if it works for you !
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Saving a design from the tool
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