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 How many gardens / shelves ???

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PostSubject: How many gardens / shelves ???   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:22 pm

I am often asked " how can I get another garden / shelf "..... Here's the answer Arrow Very Happy


1 Everybody starts with one garden

2 Everybody can buy a second garden when they reach level 8 - Mole Hunter

3 If you have a Premium account you can now buy a third garden

4 Completing Quest 55 will reward you with garden four

5 Completing Quest 106 will reward you with garden five


1. The first shelf is available to all players from the beginning (level 1) onwards.

2. The second shelf can be purchased for 10,000 gB if you have a premium account, and have reached level 9.

3. Completing quest 45 will bring you another shelf. If you have a premium account & activated the second shelf as well, you now have 3 shelves, otherwise 2.

4. Completing quest 70 will get you another shelf.

5. Completing the first greenhouse quest will get you a further shelf.

That means, with a premium account you can have a total of 5 shelves, without one, a total of 4 shelves.

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How many gardens / shelves ???
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