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PostSubject: LITTLE MOLE STORAGE FUND   Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:21 am

If the market price is lower than the storage price the lowest price is the selling price on that moment.

These veggie's and fruits are for personal use and not for resale on the market.

If someone need something just send me a img and i will send the contract.

Apples 14 gb
Pears 27 gb
Cherries 14 gb
Walnuts 13,68 gb
Asparagus 6,50 gb
Garlic 4,50 gb
Grapes 19 gb
Tomatoes 0,35 gb
Roses 2,50 gb
Spinach 1,80 gb
Cauliflower 3,00 gb
Broccoli 3,20 gb
Basil 7,5 gb
Blueberries 4,00 gb
Radishes 0,18 gb
Lettuce 0,06 gb
Marigold 1,00 gb
Strawberries 0,35 gb
Carrots 0,05 gb
Eggplants 7 gb
Blackberries 23 gb
Onions 1,30 gb
Red Currants 4,50 gb
Cucumber 0,10 gb
Zucchinis 9 gb
Pumpkins 19 gb
Potatoes 2,90 gb
Sunflowers 1 gb
Raspberries 6,5 gb
Peppers 6,5 gb
Plums 40 gb

Coin's, 200 pcs 8.000 gb / piece
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PostSubject: Re: LITTLE MOLE STORAGE FUND   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:49 am

Why, thank you, Little Mole. Those are mighty attractive prices. I will keep this in mind!
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