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 Meet Sherlock Mole !!!!

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PostSubject: Meet Sherlock Mole !!!!   Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:24 pm

The idea here is that each person adds a bit to the original story.......who knows how it will develop ???

affraid.....Help Sherlock solve the mystery..... affraid

Sherlock Mole sat in his garden chair ....after completing the narration of how he solved The Mystery of the Dancing Daffodils he felt he had earned a nice tisane -( you can tell he was a fan of Hercule Poirot) - Ahhhh! Bliss!

He relaxed in the early morning sunshine......There was a lot to be thankful for !!! He had prevented a rabbit invasion of Green Valley with a nice bit of sleuthing and thanks to the generosity of the gnomes he wouldnt be short of fruit or vegetables for a very long time... and Numptyz gnome had also added several large bottles of nicely matured carrot was good...

His peace and quiet was soon shattered by the sound of the Imperial limousine roaring up to his cottage closely followed by a tractor and trailer.....

Now who on earth could that be ????? And what did they want ??????
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Meet Sherlock Mole !!!!
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