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 Chop Suey

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PostSubject: Chop Suey   Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:57 am

Chop Suey is more a method than a fixed quantities or ingredients....its all a moveable feast and a great tasty way of using up leftovers !!! LOL


You only need a small amount of meat....if its raw, cut into thin shreds and cook first with the onions....if its leftovers add it last but give it time to heat through before serving....

Chinese usually cut vegetables diagonally to give the dish interest and texture but its your choice !

The mix of vegetables is your choice too... I dont use garlic because I hate it, but I use a lot of ginger which should be very finely chopped or shredded.. dont be afraid to alter the basic recipe to suit your family....

Dont add salt as the soy should be enough

If you are short of time visit Asda !!!! they sell boxes of ready chopped vegetable mixtures and trays of cooked chicken....or you can leave the meat out altogether

You will need a wok or a large deep frying pan to cook in ...

Quantities ????? Depends on your family's appetites !!!


1. Choose a colourful selection from following list and slice thinly -

Spring onions/ peppers/ celery/cabbage/ carrots/ bean sprouts/ baby corn/ mange tout peas/ ginger/ garlic / or your favourites

2. Toss raw meat with onions in about 1 Tablespoon oil till tender

3. Add chosen veggies ...Cook for about 3 mins - should still be crisp...I usually add a pinch of dried chilli flakes too

4. Mix together 4 or 5 tablesps stock + 2 tablesps Dark Soy + 2 teasps Oyster sauce + approx 1 teasp Chinese 5 spice powder / 1+half teasp cornflour...cook in edge of pan till it thickens then stir through the veg mixture...add more stock if desired...

Serve with rice

Remember to adjust to your personal taste - the Soy is salty and the Oyster sauce is sweetish

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Chop Suey
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